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Rosas started with the dream of a little boy who wanted to do good. I grew up in Bolivia watching my grandmother ferment goods and didn’t put much thought to it. It didn’t click until I came to the United States and was selling raw honey from the first certified organic farm in Bolivia that I reconnected with the fermentation process. 

The honey was selling slow, but I was committed to supporting the villages it came from and I had invested everything to my name into it.  I found myself in a difficult space in life, working so hard without anything to show for it - I fell into despair. Unknowing of what step to take next, I stepped back into nature.  

With this step came all of my inspiration for Rosas Hibiscus Teas. It was through this reconnection with nature that the idea of hibiscus tea came to me as a way to promote the honey.  Still deeply devoted to the Bolivian honey, I brought tea samples to farmer’s markets for customers to see one of its many versatile uses.  To my surprise, all the customers wanted the hibiscus tea - not the honey!

Nature has provided all the information needed to create the hibiscus teas. By experimenting with my intuition, rather than my knowledge of chemistry, I understood that we don’t need to dissect and rearrange all that is provided for us.  I was reminded how simple it all can and should be - these teas are a testament to that.  

They’ve restructured my digestive system and now fuel me in my competitive running endeavors - a feat I wouldn’t have thought possible, I could barely run a mile in my youth! Now 50 years old and having completed my 24 marathon/ultramarathon, I feel I’m just getting started and am excited to continue sharing the regenerative power of nature through Rosas Raw Hibiscus Teas and Power Shots.  



Our products were originally, unknowingly created with Fibonacci proportions (I learned about the concept at a fermentation festival after having intuitively created the teas and power shots using the same ratio!) to create a synergistic blend of pure ingredients into a drink that is divine by design. 

With all of Rosas products, I want people to feel the raw power of nature - to taste food the way nature intended by maintaining the authentic structure of the ingredients. I approach with simplicity - our lives are complex  enough - these products do not need to add to that. Rosas has grown and developed as I too continue to evolve, and my hope is for them to do the same for you as you reconnect with the raw nature of yourself.

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